What is Rsbot

  • It runs on user made scripts, which give RSBot its functionality.
  • There are hundreds of different scripts available on the RSBot forums.
  • It injects variables and. interfaces into the Runescape client to maximize the efficiency
  • It does not use your mouse; you can run several bots at a time on different characters by running the batch file again.
  • It has a sophisticated anti-random system that can solve nearly all anti-randoms automatically.

Why Runescape Can't Survive without BottingEdit

Botting is now spreading everywhere; it’s the back-bone of the Rune-Scape economy.


Where would all the rune crafter’s be if there were no auto Rune Essence miners?

Where would fire makers be without auto woodcutters?

Where would cookers be if there was a small supply of raw fish?

You get the point.

Botting is getting popular, and they hate it, they have introduced random events, and in the years, making them harder for a non-human to “crack”.

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