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How To Not get Caught BottingEdit

  • Never bot over night! First off, your not superman, no human can play Runescape for so long each day. Jagex will know based on the number of hours you log on each day. This is one of the main reasons, about 70% of people, get banned this way.
  • Don't go on quick-chat worlds. These worlds are infected with mods who want to report you.
  • Don't wear flashy clothing. You might look at this and say, "huh?" But its pretty simple. Lets say your botting while your fishing and your wearing a p-hat (lol). Someone might ask you questions about it, and you might not respond to them. They might think your a bot. Don't wear the standard, no clothes, bald hair, green pants, yellow shirt, outfit. Thats stupid. My preferred clothing for botting is a skillcape, and some hunting clothing. You don't attract too much attention, yet you appear as a normal player.
  • Don't skip days playing. Don't play for one day and wait 5 more days then play. This will suggest to Jagex that your a bot, just avoiding getting caught. If you want to bot, plan on botting every day at the same time and log out at the same time.
  • Never bot on your main if your not sure, if your sure that your script is 100%, un-bot-like, then do it on your main. You can make several skill mules you can auto train and transfer cash from.
  • Keep monitoring your accounts. Sometimes they might get stuck on randoms, or malfunction. Some scripts fail after a while, from past experience I had one of my accounts run back and forth over and over again. Someone knew I was a bot from the way I moved. Check your botting progress every 15 minutes!
  • Dont use wierd names. Use names with 1-3 words in them or 2 words with an underscore. Never use names like Chicken_Warrior ect. Names that use keys around each other are gold bot names.
  • Have a high level account. Train your combat and level up faster. The higher your level, the less change of being caught.

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